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Glasser is a surname Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Glasser 1916–1998, American composer of film scores
  • Arthur Glasser 1914–2009, American missiologist and missionary
  • Bernard Glasser 1924–2014, American film producer and director
  • Dick Glasser 1933–2000, American singer and songwriter
  • Harold Glasser 1905–1992, New Deal economist and Soviet spy
  • Ira Glasser born 1938, director of the ACLU
  • Isabel Glasser born 1958, American actress
  • Leah Blatt Glasser, American literary critic and scholar
  • Leonard Glasser, American screenwriter, cartoonist and animator
  • Mitch Glasser born 1989, American baseball player
  • Phillip Glasser born 1978, American actor
  • Ronald J Glasser, American doctor and author
  • Susan Glasser, American journalist and editor
  • William Glasser 1925–2013, American psychiatrist

See also

  • Glasser musician, American musician
  • Glasser effect
  • Surfboard shaper, one who applies fiberglass to a surfboard blank

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