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George Wyld

john wylde, george wylder england
George Wyld 1821 - 1906 was a Scottish homeopathic physician and Christian Theosophist


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Wyld became interested in homeopathic medicine in 1851 after discovering the work of Samuel Hahnemann whilst a medical student at Edinburgh After he obtained his M D he moved to London where he taught homeopathic medicine and in 1876 became president of the British Homeopathic Society[1]

Wyld was interested in mesmerism, spiritualism and Theosophy He has been described as one of the "oldest mesmerists in England"[2] Wyld was also a proponent of phrenology He 1844 he joined the London Phrenological Society[3] He was a convinced spiritualist, in 1854 he met the medium Daniel Dunglas Home[4]

In October 1876 he defended the fraudulent slate-writing medium Henry Slade at his trial He help to organize a spiritualists defense fund to cover Slade's legal costs Because of this he received great criticism from the medical community[1]

Wyld was a vice-president for the British National Association of Spiritualists and an early member of the Society for Psychical Research[1][5]


In the 1879 he joined the British Theosophical Society and was its president during 1880-1882 He resigned in 1882 due to Madame Blavatsky's opposition to Christianity[6]

Wyld was originally impressed by Blavatsky, believing her to possess mediumistic powers but later fell out with her, describing her as a rude and vulgar woman He resigned after she had written an article in The Theosophist claiming "there is no personal or impersonal God" However, he did not abandon Theosophy altogether, he formed his own hybrid version of Christianity with Theosophy known as Christo-Theosophy[7]


  • Homoeopathy 1853
  • Diseases of the Heart and Lungs: Their Physical Diagnosis, and Homeopathic and Hygienic Treatment 1860
  • Theosophy and the Higher Life; Or, Spiritual Dynamics and the Divine and Miraculous Man 1880
  • Theosophy: Or Spiritual Dynamics and the Divine and Miraculous Man 1895
  • Notes of My Life 1903


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  • Madame Blavatsky and Her "Theosophical" Society

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