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George Pringle

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George Pringle full name: Georgina Richards-Pringle is an artist, performer and writer from London, UK She is best known for her stream-of-consciousness style poetry and prose delivered over backing tracks which she creates on GarageBand music software


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Pringle was born in London on December 28, 1984 to architect parents She grew up in World's End, Chelsea She drew constantly from a young age and at the age of 11, went to board at Malvern Girls' College in Worcestershire after winning the Art Scholarship George studied piano between the ages of seven and fourteen and was a member of the choir She first started experimenting with home recording at the age of 16 when she pinched her older brother's guitar and started making demos on a two deck Karaoke machine at home during the holidays She then started recording tracks on a French Oral examination tape recorder in the school hall at night using the assembly microphone She formed a punk band whilst at Malvern

Pringle studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University It was at University that she acquired GarageBand music software which came on her iBook and started composing electronic music to accompany the poetry and prose that she writes She has recorded live sessions for BBC Radio 1 and featured on The Verb for BBC3 She has played Music and Literary Festivals including Reading, Leeds, Bestival and Latitude At the beginning of 2010, she supported the French band Air on the European leg of their tour

Based in London, she has released two critically acclaimed LPs to date "Salon des Refuses" a conceptual poetry album and "Golfo dei Poeti" a conceptual soundtrack album She also provides the vocals for the track Cutlery Drawer on the Scottish band Errors' 2008 album It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever

George returned to university and graduated with an MA in Filmmaking from Goldsmiths in 2015 She is currently a street photographer, working on her first show: wwwinstagramcom/georginapringle


  • "Golfo dei Poeti" album, March 2013 self released
  • "Salon des Refusés", September 2009 self released
  • "LCD, I love you, but you're bringing me down", Sept 2008 Trouble Records
  • "Poor EP, Poor EP Without a Name", March 2008 self released


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  • Music video for "LCD I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down"
  • George Pringle on Flickr

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