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George Piranian

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George Piranian Armenian: Գևորգ Փիրանեան; May 2, 1914 – August 31, 2009, was a Swiss-American mathematician of Swiss and Armenian descent Piranian was internationally known for his research in complex analysis, his association with Paul Erdős, and his editing of the Michigan Mathematical Journal


  • 1 Early life
  • 2 Editing the Michigan Mathematical Journal
  • 3 Teaching
    • 31 Teaching of Theodore Kaczynski
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Early life

Piranian was born in Thalwil outside Zürich, Switzerland His family immigrated to Logan, Utah 1929 where Piranian received a BSc in agriculture and MSc in botany 1937 at Utah State University As a Rhodes scholar, Piranian first "tasted blood" in mathematics at Oxford

After returning to the United States, Piranian earned his PhD in mathematics under Szolem Mandelbrojt at Rice University 1943 Piranian's dissertation was entitled A Study of the Position and Nature of the Singularities of Functions Given by Their Taylor Series

Piranian joined the faculty at University of Michigan in 1945

Editing the Michigan Mathematical Journal

See also: Michigan Mathematical Journal

In 1952, Piranian, along with Paul Erdős, Fritz Herzog and Arthur J Lohwater, founded the Michigan Mathematical Journal; leadership in editing was assumed by Piranian in 1954

Piranian's editing was renowned in mathematics


Piranian's teaching captivated several future research mathematicians Piranian also was an advisor with the Honors Program at the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan

Teaching of Theodore Kaczynski

In the 1960s, Piranian taught and advised Theodore Kaczynski, who was a PhD student in mathematics In the 1990s, Kaczynski was convicted of the Unabomber crimes


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