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George C. Langdon

james c langdon wife, james c. langdon jr
George C Langdon 1833 – June 1909 was the mayor of Detroit, Michigan

Early yearsedit

George C Langdon was born in Geneva, New York in 1833, the son of A M Langdon12 He went to school in Batavia, New York and Farmington, Connecticut, and at the age of 18 became a clerk for the wholesale firm of Lord, Warren, Slater & Co1 The next year he returned to Geneva, and his father sent him to Flint, Michigan to become a farmer After three years on the farm, Langdon moved to Detroit and entered Gregory Commercial College to study bookkeeping1 He graduated with a Master in Science of Bookkeeping and Accounts degree,2 and began work as a bookkeeper, first for a copper smelting firm and then at a bank1 From there, he went into the commission business

Later yearsedit

In 1864, Langdon and a partner purchased a brewery and began doing business under the name "Langdon and Co"1 In 1870 he became sole proprieter, and a few years later sold the brewery to become a maltster;1 his business enterprisese afforded him a comfortable fortune3

Langdon, elected as a Democrat served one term as the mayor of Detroit, from 1878 - 18791 After serving as mayor, Langdon suffered a number of setbacks which decimated his personal wealth and forced him to hire on as a clerk at the City Hall3

Langdon married Fannie Vallie in 1859;2 the couple had two daughters1 Langdon's wife died in 1889, followed closely by one of his daughters2 Langdon died in June, 1909, in Geneva, New York4

Political offices
Preceded by
Alexander Lewis
Mayor of Detroit
Succeeded by
William G Thompson


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james c langdon, james c langdon wife, james c. langdon jr

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