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Genome Project-Write

ethics and human genome project write, genome project write
The Genome Project - Write also known as GP-Write includes sub-projects like Human Genome Project-Write HGP-Write, formally announced on 2 Jun 2016, is an extension of Genome Projects aimed at reading genomes since 1984, now to include development of technologies for synthesis and testing of many genomes of microbes, plants and animals[1][2][3][4][5][6] This leverages two decades of work on Synthetic Biology and Artificial gene synthesis

The newly created GP-Write project will be managed by the Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology,[7] a new nonprofit organization The researchers expect that the ability to synthesize large portions of many genomes would result in many scientific and medical advances[1][2][3][4][5][6]


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  • 2 Human Genome Project-Write
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Microbial Genome Projects - Write

Technologies for constructing and testing Yeast artificial chromosomes, synthetic yeast genomes Sc20[8] and virus/phage-resistant bacterial genomes have industrial, agricultural and medical applications[2]

Human Genome Project-Write

The human genome consists of three billion DNA nucleotides, which have been described in the Human Genome Project - Read program, 95% completed in 2004 Examples of goals of GP-Write include making cell lines that are resistant to all viruses and synthesis assembly lines to test variants of unknown significance that arise in research and diagnostic sequencing of human genomes which has been exponentially improving in cost, quality and interpretation[2]

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Further reading

  • McElheny, Victor K 2010 Drawing the Map of Life: Inside the Human Genome Project Basic Books ISBN 978-0-465-03260-0  361 pages Examines the intellectual origins, history, and motivations of the project to map the human genome; draws on interviews with key figures
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  • Genome Project-Write: official information page of the consortium
  • National Human Genome Research Institute NHGRI NHGRI led the National Institutes of Health's contribution to the International Human Genome Project This project, which had as its primary goal the sequencing of the three thousand million base pairs that make up human genome, was 95% complete in April 2004
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ethics and human genome project write, genome project write, human genome project write

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