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GamingOnLinux is a website and online community that provides news about both free and open-source as well as proprietary video games for the Linux gaming platform, including editorials, reviews, interviews, videocasts, and a database of currently active game sales It was started by and is owned by Liam Dawe but also operated by a number of people1 The website currently has five members on its editorial team2 Registered and non-registered users are permitted to submit news to the website, including game developers themselves


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Some recurring columns have included:

  • The Funding Crowd: coverage of recent Linux supporting game crowdfunding campaigns
  • GOL Cast: videocasts and reviews of Linux supporting games
  • GamingOnLinux Reviews: lengthy text reviews of Linux supporting games written by Hamish Paul Wilson
  • The Open Source Game Corner: highlighting various free and open source game projects by Liam Dawe
  • GOL Survey: a monthly survey which looks at and analyses Linux Gamer demographics; later replaced by statistics generated from user accounts

Other features include:

  • Friday Livestream: a weekly stream featuring a variety of Linux games
  • Release Calendar: a list of previously released and upcoming Linux games

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  • Video games portal
  • Linux as gaming platform
  • LinuxGames


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