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Friendly Fire (1979 film)

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Friendly Fire is an American television movie first broadcast on the ABC network on April 22, 1979 Watched that night by an estimated 64 million people, Friendly Fire went on to win four Emmy awards, including Outstanding Drama Special The film was directed by David Greene

The movie tells the real-life story of Peg Mullen played by Carol Burnett, a woman from rural Iowa who works against government obstacles to uncover the truth about the death of her son Michael, a soldier killed by American "friendly fire" in the Vietnam War in 1970 Mullen's husband Gene is played by Ned Beatty

Friendly Fire is based on the 1976 book of the same name, written by C D B Bryan, which in turn was adapted from a series of New Yorker magazine articles Bryan had written about the Mullens and their ordeal


  • Carol Burnett — Peg Mullen
  • Ned Beatty — Gene Mullen
  • Sam Waterston — C D B Bryan
  • Dennis Erdman — Michael E Mullen
  • Timothy Hutton — John Mullen
  • Fanny Spiess — Mary Mullen
  • Sherry Hursey — Patricia Mullen
  • Michael Flanagan — Father Shimon
  • Hilly Hicks — Willis Huddleston
  • William Jordan — Col Byron Schindler
  • Vernon Weddle — Col Georgi
  • Jack Rader — Sgt Fitzgerald
  • Robert Wahler — Alan Hulting
  • David Keith — Leroy Hamilton


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