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Four Comprehensives

four comprehensives, four comprehensives xi jinping
The Four Comprehensives, or the Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy Chinese: 四个全面战略布局 is a list of political goals for China, put forward by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China They are:

  1. Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society
  2. Comprehensively deepen reform
  3. Comprehensively govern the nation according to law
  4. Comprehensively strictly govern the Party


The Four Comprehensives have been developed incrementally during the early years of Xi's tenure:

  • November 2012: "Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society" put forward at the 18th Party Congress
  • November 2013: "Comprehensively deepen reform" put forward at the 3rd Central Committee Plenum
  • early October 2014: "Comprehensively strictly govern the Party" put forward at the summary meeting of the Mass Line Campaign
  • late October 2014: "Comprehensively govern the nation according to law" put forward during the 4th Central Committee Plenum
  • November 2014: "Three Comprehensives" absent the Party governance clause formulated as a strategic bundle during Xi's touring of the Fujian Province
  • December 2014: "Three Comprehensives" amended to "Four Comprehensives" during Xi's touring of the Jiangsu Province
  • February 2015: Four Comprehensives unveiled as official Party and national strategy in advance of the Lianghui, the annual dual session of China's National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference


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