Foreign Exchange (2008 film)

Foreign Exchange is a 2008 American independent film directed by Danny Roth


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Four high school friends decide to take all easy classes their last year of high school One of their classes is a program for housing foreign exchange students The four students are having troubles with grades, aspirations and love and are helped out by the foreign exchange students that they were supposed to be helping out


  • Ryan Pinkston Dave
  • Vanessa Lengies Robyn
  • Randy Wayne Jay Noble
  • Tania Raymonde Anita Duarte
  • Daniel Booko Gordon "Shantz" Lally
  • Aaron Hill Christopher Hunter
  • Jennifer Coolidge Principal Lonnatini
  • Ashley Edner Jez
  • Jessika Van Mia Ho
  • Curtis Armstrong Marvin
  • Clint Howard Long Larry


The film was shot in Los Angeles, California

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