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First Amendment Center

first amendment center, first amendment center vanderbilt university
The First Amendment Center supports the First Amendment and builds understanding of its core freedoms through education, information and entertainment

The center serves as a forum for the study and exploration of free-expression issues, including freedom of speech, of the press and of religion, and the rights to assemble and to petition the government

Founded by John Seigenthaler, the First Amendment Center is an operating program of the Freedom Forum and is associated with the Newseum and the Diversity Institute The center has offices in the John Seigenthaler Center at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and at the Newseum in Washington, DC

The center’s programs, including the Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum, provide education and information to the public and groups including First Amendment scholars and experts, educators, government policy makers, legal experts and students The center is nonpartisan and does not lobby, litigate or provide legal advice

The center’s website is a source of news, information, and commentary in the nation on First Amendment issues It features daily updates on news about First Amendment-related developments, as well as detailed reports about US Supreme Court cases involving the First Amendment, and commentary, analysis and special reports on free expression, press freedom and religious-liberty issues

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External links

  • Official website
  • First Amendment Schools project
  • Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies VIPPS

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