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Finanziaria d'investimento Fininvest SpA known as just Fininvest SpA is an Italian holding company controlled by the Berlusconi family and managed by Silvio Berlusconi's eldest daughter Marina Berlusconi


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The Fininvest group is composed of a number of companies, such as Arnoldo Mondadori Editore one of Italy's leading publishing companies, Teatro Manzoni it a theater in Milan, Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti a private jet company and Fininvest Gestione Servizi

Fininvest is the largest shareholder of Mediaset, which is currently the biggest private entertainment competitor in Italy, owning three channels in Italy Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4, two in Spain, the film production company Medusa Film, a digital TV broadcasting network, and many other companies related to TV broadcasting The deal to sell Mediaset Premium was collapsed in 2016

Fininvest's voting rights on Mediolanum SpA was capped at 99999% by Italian Insurance Supervisory Authority despite owning about 36% share capital of the financial conglomerate;5 the company revered merger with subsidiary Banca Mediolanum in 2015 Fininvest had a shareholders' pact with Ennio Doris the pact only bind to 255% share each, excess amount of share was not bind,6 the largest shareholder of Banca Mediolanum, making the pact had an absolute majority in the bank for 51% share capital

On 5 August 2016 Fininvest signed a preliminary agreement to sell 9993% stake of AC Milan to a Chinese private equity fund Sino-Europe Sports7 The deal was completed on 13 April 2017

On 15 February 2017 Fininvest announced that they bought an additional 29% shares of Mondadori increased to 53299%8 It was followed by and additional 127% shares of Mediaset on 12 May9 Fininvest had also purchased more shares in December 2016,10 in response to ostile takeover by Vivendi

Other investmentsedit

Fininvest owned 099% stake in Mediobanca, and was part of the shareholders' pact that owned about 31% stake in the bank in total11


The Berlusconi family does not control the company directly Instead, its shares are owned by 38 separate companies, all named 'Holding Italiana' followed by a number 1-38, most of which are in turn controlled by Berlusconi These 'Holding Italiane' have repeatedly come under investigation by the police for various financial and accounting irregularities, slush funds and money-laundering All of them were created at the end of the 1970s by covert associates of Berlusconi's and received significant investments several hundreds of millions of euros at today's value from still unknown sources Some of their liquidity was even deposited in cash Much of the documentation of that time relative to the early financial and banking operations of these companies has been lost, in one case in a fire

A report on those matters was commissioned by the general Dipartimento Investigativo Anti-Mafia Bureau of Anti-Mafia Investigation of Palermo in the 1990s from a finance expert working at the Bank of Italy, Francesco Giuffrida, to supplement the evidence in a tentative case against Berlusconi and associates for their alleged involvement with the Sicilian Mafia In 1998 the case was temporarily shelved because of lack of sufficient evidence to go to trial


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