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FINCA Uganda Limited

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FINCA Uganda Limited, also known as FINCA Uganda, is a microfinance deposit-accepting institution MDI in Uganda It is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator


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The headquarters of FINCA Uganda Limited are located at Plot 11B Acacia Avenue in Kampala Central Division, one of the five administrative divisions of the city of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city, about 38 kilometres 2 mi north of the city centre The coordinates of the company headquarters are 00°20'070"N, 32°35'160"E Latitude:0335278; Longitude:32587778


FINCA Uganda is licensed as an MDI, which was issued in 2004 although the institution has been in the country since 1992

FINCA provides financial services to Uganda's lowest-income entrepreneurs with the aim of creating jobs, building assets, and improving their standard of living As an MDI, FINCA Uganda is a Tier III Financial Institution It is therefore prohibited from dealing in foreign exchange and cannot issue checking accounts

As of December 2015, the institution's asset base was UGX:12851 billion, with shareholders' equity of UGX:4267 billion

FINCA Uganda was one of the first financial institutions in Uganda to introduce biometric technology in 2011


It is a subsidiary and member organization of FINCA International, headquartered in the United States

Products and services

As of 2014, the financial services offered by FINCA Uganda included:

  • FINCA Village Group Loans
  • FINCA Individual/Business Loans
  • FINCA Group account
  • FINCA Fixed Deposit account
  • FINCA Easy Account
  • FINCA Smart Start Account
  • FINCA Target Account
  • FINCA School Fees Loan
  • FINCA Junior Account
  • FINCA Agriculture Loan
  • FINCA Solar Energy Loan
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Western Union Transfers
  • RTGS
  • Standing Orders


As of June 2014, FINCA Uganda maintained 26 inter-linked branches nationwide, at the following locations:

  1. Ben Kiwanuka Branch - 22 Ben Kiwanuka Street, Kampala
  2. Katwe Branch - Katwe Road, Katwe, Kampala
  3. Kireka Branch - Kampala-Jinja Highway, Kireka, Kira Municipality
  4. Kawempe Branch - Bombo Road, Kawempe, Kampala
  5. Naakulabye Branch - Hoima Road, Naakulabye, Kampala
  6. Mukono Branch - Kampala-Jinja Road, Mukono
  7. Mityana Branch - Station Road, Mityana
  8. Nakasongola Branch - Lwampanga Road, Nakasongola
  9. Masaka Branch - Edward Avenue, Masaka
  10. Kyotera Branch - Bukoba Road, Kyotera
  11. Sembabule Branch - Mubende Road, Sembabule
  12. Mbarara Branch - Masaka Road, Mbarara
  13. Kabale Branch - Kisoro Road, Kabale
  14. Fort Portal Branch - Rukidi III Street, Fort Portal
  15. Jinja Branch - Lubas Road, Jinja
  16. Kamuli Branch - Kitimbo Road, Kamuli
  17. Iganga Branch - Main Street, Iganga
  18. Mbale Branch - Republic Street, Mbale
  19. Busia Branch - Jinja Road, Busia
  20. Lira Branch - Obote Avenue, Lira
  21. Gulu Branch - Labwor Road, Gulu
  22. Arua Branch - Taban Lane, Arua
  23. Koboko Branch - Central Road, Koboko
  24. Masindi Branch - Masindi Port Road, Masindi
  25. Hoima Branch - Old Toro Road, Hoima
  26. Ntinda Branch - Ntinda Trading Centre, Ntinda Road, Ntinda, Kampala
  27. Acacia Branch - 11 Acacia Avenue, Kampala Head Office

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External links

  • Website of FINCA Uganda Limited

Coordinates: 00°20′07″N 32°35′16″E / 033528°N 3258778°E / 033528; 3258778

finca uganda limited, jobs in finca uganda limited

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