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Fiji Live,
Fijilive is an online newspaper and business and cultural directory in Fiji The site is owned by the Future Group of Companies owned by Fiji entrepreneur Yashwant Gaunder

Fijilive is one of Fiji's largest websites The site rose to prominence in May 2000 during the nationalist coup orchestrated by George Speight While communication links with the outside world were cut off by the coup plotters, Fijilive was one of the few sources of news to reach the international audience Since 2003 the site has undergone a massive transformation with a focus on infotainment However, it still remains a major suppler of Fiji news for an international audience

Fijilive Dating is an online dating site which is part of Fijilivecom Fijilive provides services and opportunities for single people to find their Fiji lovers online through Fijilive Dating

Fijilive Real Estate is an online real estate site which is part of Fijilivecom Fijilive provides services for real estate agents in Fiji to sell their products online Not only this, but Fijillive Real Estate also provides essential information like the latest Mortgage Rates in Fiji, Constructions in Fiji, Fiji Real Estate Acts & Forms and even provides the latest news on real estate industry in Fiji

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