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Fake Empire Productions

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Fake Empire Productions is the production company that was formed in 2010 by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage to develop and produce television series and feature films Their most notable productions include the series Gossip Girl developed by Schwartz and Savage, Chuck co-created by Schwartz and Chris Fedak, Hart of Dixie created by Leila Gerstein and produced by Schwartz, Savage, and their producing partner Len Goldstein and The Carrie Diaries developed by Amy B Harris and produced by Schwartz, Savage, and their producing partner Len Goldstein The company was formed to focus on television projects and produce films, with the intent of branching out into online series, music and books1 Schwartz formerly operated under the banner of College Hill Pictures, Inc, which folded in the making of Fake Empire

Overseen by Len Goldstein, the television division of Fake Empire is based at Warner Bros Television, which distributes the Gossip Girl, Chuck, Hart of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries, Cult, and The Astronaut Wives Club television series2 The film division of the company is based at Paramount Pictures and is run by Lis Rowinski3


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The following table lists the production credit of Fake Empire, and its previous incarnation, College Hill Pictures, Inc

Title Format Year
The OC Television series 2003–2007
Gossip Girl Television series 2007–2012
Chuck Television series 2007–2012
Hart of Dixie Television series 2011–2015
Fun Size Film 2012
The Carrie Diaries Television series 2013–2014
Cult Television series 2013
Endless Love Film 2014
No Cameras Allowed4 Documentary Film 2014
The Astronaut Wives Club Television series 2015
Monster High Film 2016
Dynasty Television series 2017
Runaways Television series 2018


Former College Hill Pictures logo The Fake Empire logo for the Chuck TV series, featuring key elements of the show The Fake Empire logo for the Hart of Dixie TV series, featuring key elements of the show The Fake Empire logo for the The Carrie Diaries TV series, featuring key elements of the show The Fake Empire logo for the Cult TV series, featuring key elements of the show

The company's end-of-credits logo for College Hill top right used to be a note book with 'College Hill Pictures, Inc' written on the subject line This logo was used for all episodes of The OC, starting with "The LA", and for the first three seasons of both Gossip Girl and Chuck

The new company's Fake Empire logo is a sketch pad with key features of the show drawn onto the pad with the name Fake Empire underneath The new logo was first used on September 13, 2010 after the end credits of Gossip Girl, making Gossip Girl the first Fake Empire produced series to feature the logo The pictures that are drawn onto the sketch pad for the end of Gossip Girl's logo are sketches of a cell phone, a New York City cab, a pair of heel shoes which is a reference to the fashion on the show, and two New York sights above

On Chuck's two down, right logo are sketches of a laptop, the Nerd Herd car, a pair of Converse, a gun, and a pocket protector middle right

On Hart of Dixie's three down, right logo there are fingers and sketches of the town gazebo, George Tucker's pick-up truck, Zoe's stethoscope which ties into the medical aspect of the show, a pair of high heel shoes, and Burt Reynolds the mayor's pet alligator

On The Carrie Diaries' bottom right logo there are sketches of leg warmers, sunglasses, a boombox radio, various New York City sights, and Carrie's name into the rainbow

On Cult's logo four down, right there are sketches of filming equipment, Billy Grim's name and various other significant sketches of a clapboard, lights, a car, and a hand

On The Astronaut Wives Club's logo five down, right there are sketches of people spectating, parachute, and an American flag

Productions in developmentedit

According to Deadlinecom, Fake Empire is set to produce and develop the novel Let It Snow into a feature film The book is an anthology of three short stories and the plan will make the film into a teenage Love Actually The script will be written by Jordan Roter5

Fake Empire are also set to develop a book named Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick into a feature film6 It was announced that Schwartz was set to write and direct the Jay McInerney novel, Bright Lights, Big City with Fake Empire producing

On July 13, 2011, The Hollywood Reporter released the news that Fake Empire would be producing an upcoming film adaption of The Luxe book series, to be also produced by Alloy Entertainment who also produce the Fake Empire produced TV series Gossip Girl The producers see the movie as a young Moulin Rouge, a music-driven story featuring contemporary artists and fashion set against a period backdrop7

The Hollywood Reporter said that a novel named Forgotten, written by Cat Patrick is to be turned into a movie with Fake Empire to produce The movie's screenplay will be written by Oren Uziel Mortal Kombat: Rebirth8

Paramount Pictures has acquired The Likeness, a novel by Tana French for Stephanie Savage to adapt and to produce with Josh Schwartz through Fake Empire The book is a sequel to a 2008 novel named Into the Woods, which Paramount has also acquired9

On April 12, 2012, Paramount Pictures bought a comedy pitch named Status Update from the production studio about how high school goers use social media sites10 Also, on May 3, 2012, Variety reported that Warner Bros was to develop a Little Shop of Horrors remake with Fake Empire to produce11

Deadline reported on August 2, 2012 that Universal Pictures will be remaking the 1981 film, Endless Love with Fake Empire producing The remake will be written by Gossip Girl producer Joshua Safran12 It was confirmed on March 21, 2013 that Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde will co-star in the remake13

ABC ordered The Astronaut Wives Club to series on February 5, 2014 The series is based on the book of the same name by Lily Loppel about the spouses of astronauts in 1969 The pilot will be written by Stephanie Savage The series will premiere in early Summer 2015 with a 10 episode first season14

Schwartz was Savage will produce and write the 2016 film, Monster High, based on the Mattel toy line about the sons and daughters of the world's most famous monsters15

Failed productionsedit

Fake Empire produced the television pilot Georgetown for ABC in 2011, but the pilot was not picked up to series It starred Jimmy Wolk, Katie Cassidy, Kevin Zegers, Daisy Betts, Joe Mazzello, and Condola Rashad

On September 30, 2011, it was reported that Fake Empire had sold a half-hour comedy pilot script to FOX The show is about three childhood friends who are now fathers The script is written by Barry Schwartz, who is also set to co-executive produce16

It was reported on October 19, 2011, that Fake Empire would be adapting the UK TV series Misfits into a US series The series revolves around teenagers who find themselves in an electric storm which gives them superpowers Creator of the UK series, Howard Overman, will help to pen the US script and will be an executive producer17

The CW bought a monster high school drama from Fake Empire on September 12, 2012 The series is named Copeland Prep and is about a high school that is so competitive that it turns its students into monsters Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first Twilight film has been brought on to executive consult the project18 The day after, September 13, 2012, FOX bought a comedy pilot named 'Losing Our Cool' to be written by Whip It! writer, Shauna Cross19

In October 2012, ABC bought a pilot from the company written by Karen Croner, based on her experience of growing up in the Hollywood Hills, the show is about a woman returning with her son to live with her rock-n-roll family20 Also in October, it was announced that Warner Bros is developing a Midnighters television series to be produced by Fake Empire and Alloy Entertainment Co-creator of Fake Empire's Chuck', Chris Fedak is also helping to develop the series21


Staff members of Fake Empire, all of whom have production credits on at least one of the above shows/movies, have included, in alphabetical order:

  • Amalia Connors
  • Amy B Harris
  • Bob DeLaurentis
  • Bob Levy
  • Candace Bushnell
  • Chase Grey
  • Chris Fedak
  • Dave Bartis
  • Doug Liman
  • Jason Ensler
  • Josh Stephens
  • Josh Schwartz
  • Joshua Safran
  • Leila Gerstein
  • Leonard Goldstein22
  • Leslie Morgenstein
  • Len Goldstein
  • Lis Rowinski
  • McG
  • Miguel Arteta
  • Rockne S O'Bannon
  • Stephanie Savage


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