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Faded Love

faded love, faded love lyrics
"Faded Love" is a Western swing song written by Bob Wills, his father John Wills,1 and his brother, Billy Jack Wills The tune is considered to be an exemplar of the Western swing fiddle component of American fiddlecitation neededThe melody came from an 1856 ballad, Darling Nelly Gray, which John Wills knew as a fiddle tune234 "Faded Love" is a sentimental song about lost love The name comes from the refrain that follows each verse:

I remember our faded love

The song was a major hit for Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys MGM K10786 reaching number eight on the Country charts in 19505 It became one of his signature songs

Leon McAuliffe had two Top 40 hits with "Faded Love", both reaching number 22 Cimarron 4057, 1962, and MGM 14249, 1971 The former was an instrumental version, and the latter rendition was a collaboration with Tompall & the Glaser Brothers6 Also in 1962, it was a modest hit for Jackie DeShannon, reaching No97 on the Billboard Hot 100

The song had even greater success when Patsy Cline covered it in 1963 Her version became a hit, reaching number seven on the US Country charts and No96 on the Billboard Hot 100

Due to the airplane crash that ended Cline's life, her version was never released on a studio album Instead, it was belatedly released on Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits, a compilation album in 1967 Cline's version was originally intended to be the title cut for a planned album and was made at what turned out to be the last recording session before her death

Other versionsedit

  • 1966: Harry James recorded a version on his 1966 album Harry James & His Western Friends Dot DLP 3735 and DLP 25735
  • 1968: Country music singer Cline's friend, Dottie West recorded "Faded Love" for her album Country Girl
  • 1969: Country music singer Conway Twitty recorded it for the album "You Can't Take The Country Out Of Conway"
  • 1970: Elvis Presley recorded in Nashville and released on the album Elvis Country A live version was released on the live album Takin' Tahoe Tonite
  • 1971: Delaney & Bonnie released a gospel-tinged version on the album Motel Shot
  • 1973: Doug Sahm recorded the song in the New York studios of Atlantic Records for Doug Sahm and Band
  • 1974: Barefoot Jerry released "Faded Love" on their album "Watchin' TV With the Radio On" Monument Records
  • 1976: The Flying Burrito Brothers recorded a live version with pedal steel player Sneaky Pete Kleinow on lead vocals and Gib Guilbeau on fiddle It went unreleased until 2002 when it was released as part of the Red Album It is notable for being one of the only officially released Burritos performance to feature Kleinow on lead vocals
  • 1979: Syracuse Grand Master Fiddler Hal Casey recorded a version with his band North Country
  • 1980: The song became popular again as a duet recording by Ray Price and Willie Nelson Their duet version — which features Crystal Gayle singing harmony on the chorus — was the biggest hit version of "Faded Love," reaching No3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in October 1980
  • 1985: Wall of Voodoo recorded an abridged version of the song for their album Seven Days in Sammystown
  • 2001: By Marco T, a Colombian singer, in a Spanish version
  • 2015: By Asleep at the Wheel and the Time Jumpers for the album Still the King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys


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  3. ^ McWhorter, Cowboy Fiddler, p 61: "And he Boyd Rogers played a tune called 'Forsaken Lover' It's note-for-note the same as 'Faded Love' Bob took that old tune and slowed it down and put in that long Bob Wills bow, and it became 'Faded Love'"
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