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EYE Film Institute Netherlands

eye film institute netherlands
EYE Film Institute Netherlands is a Dutch archive and museum in Amsterdam that preserves and presents both Dutch and foreign films screened in the Netherlands The museum collection includes 37,000 film titles, 60,000 posters, 700,000 photographs and 20,000 books The earliest materials date from the start of the film industry in the Netherlands in 1895


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Location and historyedit

EYE is located in the Overhoeks neighborhood of Amsterdam in the Netherlands It includes a cinematography museum formerly called Filmmuseum, founded in 1952 Its predecessor was the Dutch Historical Film Archive, founded in 1946 The Filmmuseum was situated in the Vondelparkpaviljoen since 1975, but in 2009, plans were announced for a new home on the north bank of Amsterdam's waterfront It was officially opened on April 4, 2012 by Queen Beatrix1 2 The EYE building was designed by Delugan Meissl architects,3 which specializes in buildings that appear to be in motion, eg, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart4


EYE is performing a major film digitization and preservation project together with IBM and Thought Equity Motion, a provider of video platform and rights development services The project involves scanning and storing more than 150 million discrete DPX files on LTO Gen5 Tape in the Linear Tape File System format5


See alsoedit

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