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Extractable nuclear antigen

extractable nuclear antigen, extractable nuclear antigen blood test
Extractable Nuclear Antigens are over 100 different soluble cytoplasmic and nuclear antigens Autoantibodies to these antigens are associated with particular connective tissue disorders

The six main antigens used in immunological laboratories for detection are Ro, La, Sm, RNP, Scl-70 and Jo1,[1] which are screened for by Ouchterlony double immuno diffusion techniques and confirmed by immunoblotting

On anti-nuclear antibody tests, these antigens have a speckled pattern[2]


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ENAs originally referred to proteins found in a saline extract of cell nuclei[citation needed] Its components have since been more clearly identified and in fact include many cytoplasmic molecules The misnomer, however, has remained These proteins are intimately associated with various RNA molecules and are thus called ribonucleoproteins, but the nomenclature used for them is often a source of confusion, Sm, Ro and La were named after the first 2 letters of the surnames of the patients in whom they were first found Two proteins associated with Sjogren's Syndrome were independently described as antigens A and B, but are now known to be identical to Ro and La respectively ie SS-A = Ro and SS-B = La


Anti-ENA is a grouping of antibodies often used to screen for mixed connective tissue disease MCTD, Sjögren's syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus and commonly is composed of six tests:[3]

  • anti-Sm for SLE
  • anti-RNP for MCTD
  • anti-La for Sjögren's
  • anti-Ro for Sjögren's
  • anti-Scl70 for Scleroderma
  • anti-Jo for Dermatomyositis

Sensitivity and specificity of these tests depends on the type of assay employed, and will therefore vary by lab The following table illustrates the sensitivity and specificity of ENA antibodies at detecting SLE with the ELISA technique

Antibody tested using ELISA Sensitivity % for SLE Specificity % for SLE
Anti-Ro SS-A 61 80-93
Anti-La SS-B 27-35 88-97
Anti-Sm 34-45 88-100
Anti-RNP 39-64 84-97

Reference for all values: [4]


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