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Evangelische Allianz

evangelische allianz deutschland, evangelische allianz
The Evangelische Allianz German, abbreviated as EA is a national evangelical alliance, member of the World Evangelical Alliance It regroup evangelical Christianity, which is a part of the Evangelical Church in Germany, German Free Churches, “inner church confraternity” German: innerkirchliche Gemeinschaften and relief organizations

The EA was established in 1846, as a loose knit federation, after a meeting in London One of the co-founders of EA was Thomas Chalmers, himself a founder of a Scottish Free Church, and invited deputies of 52 reformed churches The deputies came from twelve nations of North America and Europe


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Sections of the EAedit

There are three sections in the German-speaking area All three are part of the World Evangelical Alliance since 1952citation needed


The German Evangelical Alliance German: Deutsche Evangelische Allianz has been active since 1851 in Germany

At present the German EA has members who are closely connected They are connected to the EA-Organisation or welfare services, who are a part of the "Evangelische Allianz"

There are 1,200 local churches, free churches or free groups who support the alliance

Deputies of the Evangelische Allianz meet once a year in Bad Blankenburg for the Alliance-Conference German: Allianzkonferenz

The affiliated “Institute for the Islamic Question” German: Institut für Islamfragen gives a special service of information about Islam from a Christian point of view

The "Deutsche Evangelische Allianz" is an accredited organisation by German law and is represented in the Bundestag German parliament by Wolfgang Baake as Commissioner of the German EAcitation needed


Before 1990 in Germany there were two separate organisations, since the division of the country In the GDR there was the "Evangelische Allianz in der DDR" and the "Deutsche Evangelische Allianz e V" in the West, based in Stuttgart

In the course of reunification of Germany both organisations also merged The offices of the "Deutschen Evangelische Allianz" were until November 2004 in Stuttgart Being pushed for money, the Organisation moved to Bad Blankenburg

Today the German EA is a state-approved organisation eingetragener Verein or eV, with a conference center, recreation home and hotelcitation needed


The Austrian Evangelical Alliance German: Österreichische Evangelische Allianz, abbreviated ÖEA has been active since 1870 in Austria and Switzerlandcitation needed


The Swiss Evangelical Alliance German: Schweizerische Evangelische Allianz, abbreviated SEA is active all over Switzerland, not only in the German-speaking area In the French-speaking area of Switzerland the EA is also known as “Alliance évangélique Suisse”, abbreviated AEScitation needed


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  • Westerheide, Rudolf January 2004, EINS – Wie wir als Christen glaubwürdig werden Impulstour 2004 in German, Born, ISBN 3-417-24817-5 

Publications of Evangelische Allianzedit

  • Magazine EiNS - Gemeinsam Glauben, Miteinander Handeln, frequency 4x a year
  • Giveaway to special themes, per example Islam
  • Statements to ethic and political question of principle
  • Newsletters

See alsoedit

Evangelical Alliance


External linksedit

  • German Evangelical Alliance, German: Deutsche Evangelische Allianz
  • Swiss Evangelical Alliance, German: Schweizerische Evangelische Allianz
  • World Evangelical Alliance
  • European Evangelical Alliance
  • Hope for Europe, also from European Evangelical Alliance
  • News Service of German Evangelical Alliance “idea” - news in German

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