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Eulipotyphla "truly fat and blind"[1] is an order of mammals suggested by molecular methods of phylogenetic reconstruction, and includes the laurasiatherian members of the now-invalid polyphyletic order Lipotyphla, but not the afrotherian members tenrecs and golden moles, now in their own order Afrosoricida Lipotyphla in turn had been derived by removing a number of groups from Insectivora, the previously used wastebasket taxon

Thus, Eulipotyphla comprises the hedgehogs and gymnures family Erinaceidae, formerly also the order Erinaceomorpha, solenodons family Solenodontidae, the desmans, moles, and shrew-like moles family Talpidae and true shrews family Soricidae True shrews, talpids and solenodons were formerly grouped in Soricomorpha; however, Soricomorpha has been found to be paraphyletic, since erinaceids are the sister group of shrews[2][3][4]


  • Order Eulipotyphla = 'Lipotyphla' − Afrosoricida = 'Erinaceomorpha' + 'Soricomorpha'
    • Family Erinaceidae
      • Subfamily Erinaceinae: hedgehogs
      • Subfamily Hylomyinae: gymnures or moonrats
    • Family Soricidae
      • Subfamily Crocidurinae: white-toothed shrews
      • Subfamily Soricinae: red-toothed shrews
      • Subfamily Myosoricinae: African white-toothed shrews
    • Family Talpidae
      • Subfamily Desmaninae: desmans
      • Subfamily Talpinae: moles
      • Subfamily Uropsilinae: shrew-like moles
    • Family Solenodontidae: solenodons
    • † Family Nesophontidae: extinct West Indian shrews
    • † Family Amphilemuridae

Family-level cladogram of extant eulipotyphlan relationships, following Roca et al and Brace et al:[3][5]








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