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euarchontoglires, euarchontoglires rodents linked with primates
Euarchontoglires synonymous with Supraprimates is a clade and a superorder of mammals, the living members of which belong to one of the five following groups: rodents, lagomorphs, treeshrews, colugos and primates


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Evolutionary relationships

The Euarchontoglires clade is based on DNA sequence analyses and retrotransposon markers that combine the clades Glires Rodentia + Lagomorpha and Euarchonta Scandentia + Primates + Dermoptera[citation needed]

So far, few if any distinctive anatomical features have been recognized that support Euarchontoglires, nor does any strong evidence from anatomy support alternative hypotheses[citation needed] Although both Euarchontoglires and diprotodont marsupials are documented to possess a vermiform appendix, this feature evolved as a result of convergent evolution[1]

Euarchontoglires is now recognized as one of the four major subclades within the clade Eutheria ie, placentalia placental mammals[2], and it is usually discussed without a taxonomic rank but has been called a cohort, magnorder, or superorder Relations among the four cohorts Euarchontoglires, Xenarthra, Laurasiatheria, Afrotheria and the identity of the placental root, remain controversial[3]

Euarchontoglires probably split from the Laurasiatheria sister group about 85 to 95 million years ago, during the Cretaceous, and developed in the Laurasian island group that would later become Europe This hypothesis is supported by molecular evidence; so far, the earliest known fossils date to the early Paleocene[4] The combined clade of Euarchontoglires and Laurasiatheria is recognized as Boreoeutheria[citation needed]


The hypothesized relationship among the Euarchontoglires is as follows:[5]







Rodentia rodents

Lagomorpha rabbits, hares, pikas


Scandentia treeshrews or banxrings


Dermoptera colugos




One study based on DNA analysis suggests that Scandentia and Primates are sister clades, but did not discuss the position of Dermoptera[7] Although it is known that Scandentia is one of the most basal Euarchontoglire clades, the exact phylogenetic position is not yet considered resolved, and it may be a sister of Glires, Primatomorpha or Dermoptera or to all other Euarchontoglires[8][9][10] Some recent studies place Scandentia as sister of the Glires, invalidating Euarchonta[11][12]

Whole genome duplication took place in the ancestral Euarchontoglires[13]


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Further reading

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