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estratetraenol and copulins, estratetraenol
Estratetraenol, also known as estra-1,3,510,16-tetraen-3-ol, is an endogenous steroid found in women that has been described as having pheromone-like activities in primates, including humans Estratetraenol is synthesized from androstadienone by aromatase likely in the ovaries, and is related to the estrogen sex hormones, yet has no known estrogenic effects It was first identified from the urine of pregnant women

Estratetraenyl acetate, or estra-1,3,510,16-tetraen-3-yl acetate, is a more potent synthetic derivative of estratetraenol

Estratetraenol is an estrane C18 steroid and an analogue of estradiol where the C17β hydroxyl group has been removed and a double bond has been formed between the C16 and C17 positions

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