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Elend, Saxony-Anhalt

Elend is a district of the town of Oberharz am Brocken in the Harz District, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany It lies in the Bode valley in the High Harz in central Germany, at a height of 505 m above NN This part of the valley is known locally as Elendstal Elend is located near the former Inner German Border between West and East Germany


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About 3 kilometres west of the village is the nature reserve of Kramershai


Precipitation diagram
The annual precipitation in Elend is 1,116 mm 439 in which is in the upper third of the values recorded by the weather stations of the German Meteorological Office Over 90% have lower values The driest month is September; the wettest is December, when about 21 times as much rain falls as in the driest month The average annual variations in precipitation lie in the upper third In over 91% of all locations the monthly precipitation varies less than in Elend


1912 map of the region between Schierke and Elend View of Elend Woodland open-air pool in Elend in 1955 Station on the Harz Railway Smallest wooden church in Germany

Walther Grosse mentions fields under the Elend Road unter dem elendischen Wege for the first time in a manuscript of field names in the Amt of Elbingerode for 1483 In a Vogtei account for the Amt of Elbingerode Harz dated 1506/07 there is an entry which states: "Income from the sawmill at Elend in the Forest XII March" Innome von der Sagemoln zum Elende deß Forst XII Mar[1] There are a lot of indications that this sawmill had existed for some time before that

On 1 January 2010, the municipality of Elend merged with the municipalities of Sorge, Stiege and Tanne, as well as the towns of Elbingerode Harz, Hasselfelde and Benneckenstein Harz, forming the town Oberharz am Brocken


Not far from Elend is the Helenenruh, a rocky ridge with outstanding views, which is checkpoint no 21 in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking network

Notable people

  • Friedrich Krebs 1832–1905, first chief apostle of the New Apostolic Church
  • Hartmut Esser born 1943, sociologist, professor at the University of Mannheim


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  • Karlheinz Brumme: Elend Chronik eines Harzdörfchens unterm Brocken, Blankenburg, Wernigerode, o J
  • Dietmar Schultke: Der DDR-Alltag in der Grenzkompanie Elend, in: 'Keiner kommt durch - Die Geschichte der innerdeutschen Grenze und Berliner Mauer, Aufbau-Verlag Berlin, 4 Auflage 2008

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