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Education in Uttarakhand

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Education in Uttarakhand is provided by a large number of public and private institutions Uttarakhand had a long tradition of learning and culture


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Main building of The Doon School

In Uttarakhand there are 15,331 primary schools with 1,040,139 students and 22,118 working teachers Year 2011 Literacy rate of the state was 7963% with 8833% literacy for males and 7070% literacy for females1 The language of instruction in the schools is either English or Hindi

There are mainly government and private schools and institutions including primary schools, high schools, inter college, degree colleges and technical institutions The main school affiliations are CBSE, CISCE or the State Government syllabus defined by the Department of Education of the Government of Uttarakhand

Notable schoolsedit

There are many notable schools and institutions in Uttarakhand

Sumitranandan Pant museum, Kausani Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, distant view

Higher educationedit

Main article: List of institutions of higher education in Uttarakhand


Main article: List of schools in India § Uttarakhand


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Education in Uttarakhand

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