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dup (system call)

In Unix-like operating systems, dup and dup2 system calls create a copy of a given file descriptor This new descriptor actually does not behave like a copy, but like an alias of the old one


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C library POSIX definitionedit

These dup and dup2 calls are standardized by the POSIX specification

int dup int oldfd; int dup2 int oldfd, int newfd;

The former allocates the first available descriptor, just like open behaves; an alternative way to duplicate a file descriptor to an unspecified place is the fcntl system call with F_DUPFD command

The latter places a copy to a specified location index, closing a file descriptor if it already exists

Importance of dup2 for Unix shellsedit

Unix shells use dup2 for input/output redirection Along with pipe, it is a tool on which Unix pipes rely

The following example uses pipe and dup in order to connect two separate processes program1 and program2 using Unix pipes:

#include <stdioh> #include <stdlibh> #include <unistdh> / function prototypes / void dieconst char; int mainint argc, char argv else return 0; void dieconst char msg

Use in Perl languageedit

Perl does not provide these system calls directly But dup2 to redefine one of standard streams may be invoked via "pipe opens" technique, using the vertical bar character in the file path for the open call Namely,

open FILE, "| shell command"

performs pipe, fork, dup2…,STDIN and then executes a specified command Likewise,

open FILE, "shell command |"

performs pipe, fork, dup2…,STDOUT and then executes a specified command

See alsoedit

  • File descriptor – how it works and other functions related to open


  • Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by W Richard Stevens ISBN 81-7808-096-6

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