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Dum spiro spero

dum spiro spero, dum spiro spero tattoo
Dum spiro spero means "While I breathe, I hope"1 in Latin and is a modern paraphrase of ideas that survive in two ancient writers, Theocritus2 and Cicero3

It is a motto of various places, families, and organizations


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  • The notable origin of the motto is St Andrews, Fife, Scotland Its attribution to Saint Andrew and his bones being taken to this small fishing village on the North Sea, contributed to its direct linkage between the saying, the town, the University of St Andrews and the Saintcitation needed
  • It is also the motto of:
    • South Carolina4
    • the Kingdom of Sarawak56
    • the Principality of Hutt Rivercitation needed
    • Cothill House Preparatory School in Oxfordshire, Englandcitation needed
    • Burstow Park House, in Surrey Englandcitation needed
    • The Czech Army's 601st Special Forces Group, based in Prostějov7
  • Dum spiro spero is inscribed:
    • above the door of Nymans House, West Sussex, England, old home of the Messel family now a National Trust property and gardenscitation needed
    • on medallions marking the Barbary Coast Trail in San Francisco, California8
  • A song called "Dum spiro spero" is the theme for the video game Clive Barker's Undying


Dum spiro spero is the family motto of numerous families worldwide, including:

  • Dearden family
  • Clan MacLennan
  • Dillon family Ireland
  • Bransom family England, Now USA
  • Asscoti or Ascotti family9
  • Baker family Derbyshire, England9
  • Banantyne family Derbyshire, England10
  • Bussell family Cambridgeshire, England
  • Chitty family Sussex
  • Colquhoun family Dunyelder, Scotland10
  • Corbett family Ireland
  • Coriton family England10
  • Cotter family Ireland, now New Zealand
  • Dewsbury family England, now USA
  • Dillon family England10
  • Elphdick family Sussex, England10
  • Everitt family Kent, England10
  • Floryanski family Kraków, Poland
  • Gahan family Ireland
  • De Garis family Guernsey The family crest surmounts a window with the motto in Latin at St Saviour's Church in Western Parishes, Guernsey11
  • Gaunt family Kent and Staffordshire, England910
  • Glazebrook family Lancashire, England9
  • Golledge family Ireland, Now USA
  • Herring family England
  • Hoare family England
  • Hodgkinson family England
  • Hunter family Perth, Scotland9
  • Ingram family England
  • Lange family Glamorganshire, Britain; Germany
  • Lomas family England
  • Mason family Normandy
  • McGahern family Donegal, Ireland
  • Morgan family Wales
  • Morrish family England
  • Nelson-Smith family Surrey
  • Olphert family Ballyconnell, Donegal, Ireland The motto and the family coat of arms is still visible above the door at Ballyconnell House, Donegal12
  • Oulton family Cheshire
  • Pearson family Forfarshire, Scotland9
  • Pount family Scotland10
  • Quenzer family Germany
  • Roberts family Kent, England9
  • Rylands family Cheshire, England9
  • Sarawak 1847 until 1942 under Brooke Family
  • Sharp family Tyne and Wear, England
  • Snowden family Yorkshire, England
  • Sparks family Faraham Parish Hampshire, England, now USA
  • Spearman family Shropshire & Durham, England9
  • Staunton family Gloucestershire, England9
  • Standard family Bedfordshire, England
  • Storer family
  • Symonds family Bedfordshire, England
  • Trevor family Wales
  • Vellathingal family Trissur, India
  • Walsh family County Clare, Ireland
  • Wenzel family Germany
  • Williamson Clan Irish
  • Whitworth family Durham, England
  • Whitehead family
  • Wimberley family Cornwall, England
  • Thompson Clan Irish
  • Young family - displayed St Stanhiil Court, Surrey, in the stained glass window showing the family arms of William Young Deputy Chairman and co-founder of Lloyd's of London

Other noted individuals who used this motto:

  • Sir James Laurence Cotter, Baronet Co Cork, Ireland9
  • Dr TG Dillon Roscommon, Ireland9
  • Vicount Dillon of Costello Gallen Co Sligo, Ireland9
  • Charles Hunter, Esquire Anglesey, Wales9
  • Henry Thomas Partridge Norfolk, England9
  • Sir Owen Roberts London, England9
  • William James Sandford-Thompson, JP Montrose, Scotland9
  • Captain Alfred Ernest Speer, Esquire Surrey, England9
  • General Sir Edward Stanton Gloucestershire, England9
  • John Walsh, Esquire Kilkenny, Ireland9
  • Christopher Leich Arlington


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