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Dream (disambiguation)

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A dream is an experience during sleep

Dream, The Dream or Dreams may also refer to:


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  • DREAM Act, an American legislative proposal related to immigration
  • DREAM Drug Resource Enhancement against Aids and Malnutrition, an AIDS therapy program


  • Dreams bed retailer, based in the UK
  • Dream chocolate, a candy bar

Film and televisionedit


  • The Dream 1911 film, an American short film
  • Dreams 1955 film, a Swedish drama film directed by Ingmar Bergman
  • The Dream 1966 film, a Yugoslavian war film
  • The Dream 1985 film, directed by Pieter Verhoeff
  • The Dream 1987 film, a Syrian documentary
  • The Dream 1989 film, a television film starring Jeremy Irons
  • Dreams 1990 film, a Japanese magical realism film directed by Akira Kurosawa
  • Dreams 1993 film, a 1993 Russian absurdist comedy
  • Dreamz, a 2000 Indian Malayalam-language film
  • Dreams 2004 film, an Indian Tamil-language romance
  • Dreams 2006 film, an Iraqi film
  • Dream 2008 film, a South Korean film
  • Dream 2012 film, an Indian Telugu-language thriller
  • Dreams 2016 film, a Nepali film


See also: Dream TV disambiguation
  • Dream TV series, a South Korean TV drama
  • Dreams TV series, an American sitcom
  • "Dreams" MASH, a 1980 episode from the television series MASH
  • Dream Multimedia, makers of the Dreambox satellite TV receiver
  • Dream Satellite TV, a broadcasting service
  • The Dream with Roy and HG, an Australian talk show
  • Andria "Dreamz" Herd, a Survivor contestant
  • "The Dream", an Agatha Christie's Poirot episode


  • Dreams video game, a game developed by Media Molecule for PlayStation 4
  • Project Dream, an unreleased video game, redeveloped as Banjo-Kazooie


  • The Dream ballet, a one-act ballet adapted from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Dream musical, a 1997 stage show
  • Dream pop, a subgenre of alternative rock music
  • Dream trance, a subgenre of trance music


  • Dream American group, a pop girl group
  • Dream Japanese group, a pop girl group
  • Dreams band, an American jazz rock group
  • D:Ream, a Northern Irish pop and dance group
  • The-Dream born 1977, American R&B artist
  • The Dreams, a Faroese punk rock group


  • Dreams The Allman Brothers Band album, 1989
  • Dream Angie Stone album, 2015
  • Dream Captain & Tennille album, 1978
  • Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection, a 2006 album by The Corrs
  • Dreams Evermore album, 2004
  • Dreams Fra Lippo Lippi album, 1992
  • Dreams Grace Slick album, 1980
  • Dreams Gábor Szabó album, 1968
  • The Dream In This Moment album, 2008
  • The Dream John & Audrey Wiggins album, 1997
  • Dream Keller Williams album, 2007
  • Dream Kitarō album, 1992
  • Dreams Klaus Schulze album, 1986
  • Dream Michael Bublé album, 2002
  • The Dream 1973-2011, a 2012 compilation album by Michael Franks
  • Dreams Miz album, 2005
  • Dreams Neil Diamond album, 2010
  • The Dream Open Hand album, 2003
  • The Dream The Orb album, 2007
  • Dreams Philip Bailey album, 1999
  • The Dream Sanctus Real album, 2014
  • Dream TrueBliss album, 1999
  • Dreams The Whitest Boy Alive album, 2006
  • Dream Yuna Ito album, 2009
  • Dreams With Pollutions When Virile, a 2001 album by Oneiroid Psychosis
  • Dreams EP, by We Came as Romans, 2008
  • Dreams, by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, 1994
  • Dream, by Jaclyn Victor, 2002
  • Dream, by Michelle Tumes, 2001
  • Dreams, by Susan Jacks, 1975
  • Dreams, by Toad, 1975


  • "Dream" 1944 song, a 1944 jazz and pop standard written by Johnny Mercer
  • "Dreams" Beck song, 2015
  • "Dreams" The Cranberries song, 1994
  • "Dreams" Diana DeGarmo song, 2004
  • "Dream" Dizzee Rascal song, 2004
  • "Dreams" Fleetwood Mac song, 1977
  • "Dreams" Gabrielle song, 1993
  • "Dreams" Game song, 2005
  • "Dreams" High and Mighty Color song, 2007
  • "Dream" Suzy and Baekhyun song, 2016
  • "Dreams" Van Halen song, 1986
  • "#9 Dream" John Lennon song, 1974
  • "Dreams" Will Come Alive, a 1994 song by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
  • "Dreams", by All Saints from the album Saints & Sinners
  • "Dreams", by The Allman Brothers Band from the album The Allman Brothers Band
  • "Dream", by Anza
  • "Dreams", by Ashanti from the self-titled album
  • "Dreams", by Brandi Carlile from the album Give Up The Ghost
  • "Dreams", by Deep Dish from the album George Is On
  • "Dreams", by Enya from the British motion picture The Frog Prince
  • "Dream", by Golden Earring from the album Winter-Harvest
  • "Dream", by Imagine Dragons from the album Smoke + Mirrors
  • "Dreams", by Kings of Tomorrow
  • "Dreams", by King's X from the album Black Like Sunday
  • "Dreams", by The Kinks from Percy
  • "Dreams", by The Kooks from the album Listen
  • "Dreams", by Kylie Minogue from the album Impossible Princess
  • "Dream", by Mami Kawada from the album Savia
  • "The Dream", by The Moody Blues from the album On the Threshold of a Dream
  • "Dream", by Italian singer P Lion
  • "Dream", by Priscilla Ahn from her album A Good Day, featured in Grey's Anatomy
  • "Dreams", by The Soft Boys from the album Underwater Moonlight
  • "Dreams", by Taproot from the album Welcome
  • "Dreams", by Taylor Dayne from the album Naked Without You
  • "Dreams", by TV on the Radio from the album ''Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
  • "Dreams", by Uriah Heep from the album Wonderworld
  • "Dream", by White Lion from the album Return of the Pride
  • "The Dream Hold on to Your Dream", by Irene Cara from the album What a Feelin'
  • "Träume" "Dreams" in German, by Richard Wagner from the composition Wesendonck Lieder

Print mediaedit

  • Dream comics, a character in The Sandman
  • The Dream novel, by H G Wells
  • "Dreams" Ivan Bunin, a 1904 novella
  • "The Dream" Lord Byron poem, 1816
  • "The Dream" John Donne poem, 1635
  • "The Dream", a Hercule Poirot short story by Agatha Christie in the collection The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
  • "The Dream", aka "A Dream", a short story by W Somerset Maugham
  • "A Dream" poem, an 1827 poem by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Dreme, 1528 poem by Scottish poet David Lyndsay

Science and technologyedit

  • DREAM protocol, a location-based routing protocol
  • DREAM software, a computer programming tool
  • dream, a file format associated with Windows DreamScene
  • HTC Dream, a smartphone
  • Project DReaM, a digital rights management implementation


  • Dream mixed martial arts
  • Atlanta Dream, an American women's basketball team
  • Hakeem Olajuwon born 1963, nicknamed "The Dream", a Nigerian-American basketball player


  • Airdrome Dream Classic, a model of aircraft
  • Dream-class cruise ship, a cruise ship class operated by Carnival
    • Carnival Dream, the lead vessel of the class
  • Dream, a cruise ship built in 1970, now sailing as the MS Formosa Queen
  • Disney Dream, a 2010 cruise ship operated by Disney
  • Airdrome Dream Classic, a model of aircraft

Visual artsedit

  • Dream sculpture, public art by Jaume Plensa in Sutton, St Helens, Merseyside
  • The Dream sculpture, a 1998 outdoor bronze of Martin Luther King, Jr by Michael Florin Dente in Portland, Oregon
  • The Dream Rousseau painting, by Henri Rousseau
  • The Dream, a painting by Salvador Dalí
  • Le Rêve Picasso The Dream in French, by Pablo Picasso
  • The Dream, by Damien Hirst

See alsoedit

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  • Wish, a hope or desire for something

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