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Dream dictionary

dream dictionary, dream dictionary interpretation
A dream dictionary is a tool made for interpreting images in a dream Dream dictionaries tend to include specific images which are attached to specific interpretations However, dream dictionaries are generally not considered scientifically viable by those within the psychology community


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Since the 19th century, the art of dream interpretation has been transferred to a scientific ground, making it a distinct part of psychology1 However, the dream symbols of the "unscientific" days—the outcome of hearsay interpretations that differ around the world among different cultures—continued to mark the day of an average human-being, who is most likely unfamiliar with Freudian analysis of dreams

The dream dictionary includes interpretations of dreams, giving each symbol in a dream a specific meaning The argument of what dreams represent has greatly changed over time With this changing, so have the interpretation of dreams Dream dictionaries have changed in content since they were first published The Greeks and Romans saw dreams as having a religious meaning This made them believe that their dreams were an insight into the future and held the key to the solutions of their problems2 Aristotle's view on dreams were that they were merely a function of our physiological make up3 He did not believe dreams have a greater meaning, solely that it is a result of how we sleep In the Middle Ages, dreams were seen as an interpretation of good or evil

Although the dream dictionary is not recognized in the psychology world, Freud is said to have revolutionized the interpretation and study of dreams4 Freud came to the conclusion that dreams were a form of wish fulfillment5 Dream dictionaries were first based upon Freudian thoughts and ancient interpretations of dreams

Some examples of dream interpretation are: dreaming you are on a beach means you are facing negativity in your life, or a lion may represent a need to control others6 Dream dictionaries typically hold interpretations ranging from A-Z Dream dictionaries can be found in book form or on the internet

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