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Don't Lose The Music

don't lose yourself in the music
Don’t Lose the Music is a national campaign launched by RNID, the charity representing the 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK


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The campaign aims to highlight the danger of listening to music too loudly – mainly focusing on exposure to loud music:

  • at nightclubs
  • at concerts/gigs
  • on personal audio equipment

Expertswho agree that exposure to sounds over 85 dB over time can cause damage to hearing1 Many concert venues and nightclubs play music at levels over 100 decibels2 It is also possible to listen to music on personal audio equipment such as MP3 players at levels which exceed damage-risk criteria, depending on the equipment3

Damage to hearing is caused by a combination of three factors – length of exposure to the noise, the average level of the noise and the peak level of the noise Another variable is individual susceptibility to hearing damage, which varies from person to person Individual susceptibility is only known after hearing damage has been done

A rule of thumb is that the louder the sound, the less time you should listen to it for

Exposure to loud music can lead to a range of hearing problems such as noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis

Here are some commonly quoted comparisons of sound levels:

  • 0 dBA - the lowest sound level a person with normal hearing can detect4
  • 20 dBA - a quiet room at night
  • 60 dBA - ordinary spoken conversation
  • 80 dBA - shouting
  • 90 dBA - an underground railway
  • 110 dBA - a pneumatic drill nearby
  • 130 dBA - an aeroplane taking off 100m 330 feet away


In order to promote the campaign, RNID attend music festivals and gigs, handing out earplugs and information

See alsoedit

  • Hearing protectors
  • RNID
  • Noise-induced hearing loss


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External linksedit

  • Don't Lose The Music website
  • RNID website
  • All Ear Plugs On Don't lose the Music

don't lose yourself in the music

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