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Don Ivan Punchatz

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Don Ivan Punchatz September 8, 1936 – October 22, 2009 was a science fiction and fantasy artist who drew illustrations for numerous books and publications, including magazines such as Heavy Metal, National Geographic, Playboy, and Time He illustrated album covers, and provided the cover art for session guitarist Steve Hunter's debut solo album, Swept Away

Punchatz was based in Arlington, Texas In 1970, he started the SketchPad Studio there, where he trained a number of apprentices and came to be known as the "Godfather of Dallas Illustration" During 1993, id Software hired him to create the Doom video game package art and logo The result was named the second best game box art of all time by GameSpy His son, Gregor Punchatz, has worked on special effects for several movies, and also created monster sculptures for Doom

Punchatz suffered a cardiac arrest on October 11, 2009 and died in an Arlington hospital on October 22, 2009

Partial cover art bibliography

  • A Barnstormer in Oz
  • Dayworld
  • Dayworld Rebel
  • Foundation and Empire
  • Gods of Riverworld
  • Second Foundation
  • Worlds of the Federation


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External links

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