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Division No. 18, Manitoba

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Census Division No 18 North Interlake is part of the Interlake Region of the province of Manitoba, Canada The economy of the region is based on agriculture, livestock and manufacturing The population of the area as of the 2006 census was 23,861 The division contains all of the south basin of Lake Manitoba, and borders the west shore of the north basin which is part of Division No 19 It also contains Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park at its northeast corner Also included in the division are the main reserves of the Lake Manitoba First Nation Dog Creek 46, the Little Saskatchewan First Nation, and the Pinaymootang First Nation Fairford 50


  • Town of Arborg
  • Rural Municipality of Armstrong
  • Rural Municipality of Bifrost
  • Rural Municipality of Coldwell
  • Rural Municipality of Eriksdale
  • Rural Municipality of Fisher
  • Rural Municipality of Gimli
  • Rural Municipality of Grahamdale
  • Village of Riverton
  • Rural Municipality of Siglunes
  • Rural Municipality of St Laurent
  • Town of Winnipeg Beach


Community Profile: Census Division No 18, Manitoba; Statistics Canada

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  • Manitoba CDommunity Profiles: North Interlake

Coordinates: 51°02′N 97°34′W / 51033°N 97567°W / 51033; -97567

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Division No. 18, Manitoba

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Division No. 18, Manitoba
Division No. 18, Manitoba
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