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Division No. 17, Manitoba

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Census Division No 17 Dauphin is part of the Parklands Region of the province of Manitoba, Canada The economic base of the area is primarily agriculture with some manufacturing and food processing The population of the division at the 2006 census was 22,358 The division is geographically centred on the city of Dauphin and Dauphin Lake, and contains most of Riding Mountain National Park Also included in the division is the Ebb and Flow First Nation


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  • Rural Municipality of Alonsa
  • City of Dauphin
  • Rural Municipality of Dauphin
  • Rural Municipality of Ethelbert
  • Village of Ethelbert
  • Rural Municipality of Gilbert Plains
  • Town of Gilbert Plains
  • Rural Municipality of Grandview
  • Town of Grandview
  • Rural Municipality of Lawrence
  • Rural Municipality of McCreary
  • Village of McCreary
  • Rural Municipality of Mossey River
  • Rural Municipality of Ochre River
  • Rural Municipality of Ste Rose
  • Town of Ste Rose du Lac
  • Village of Winnipegosis


  • Ebb and Flow 52

Unorganized areas

  • Unorganized Division No 17


Community Profile: Census Division No 17, Manitoba; Statistics Canada

External links

  • Manotba Community Profiles: Dauphin

Coordinates: 51°16′45″N 99°48′20″W / 5127917°N 9980556°W / 5127917; -9980556

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Division No. 17, Manitoba

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Division No. 17, Manitoba
Division No. 17, Manitoba
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