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Division No. 1, Manitoba

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Division No 1 is located in the Eastman Region of the Canadian province of Manitoba It is located in the south-eastern corner of the province, lying between the Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba-Ontario border, and the Canada–US border The Trans-Canada Highway runs through the Eastman Region Also included in the division are the Buffalo Point First Nation and the Manitoba portion of the Shoal Lake 40 First Nation


  • 1 Towns
  • 2 Local government districts
  • 3 Rural municipalities
  • 4 First Nations reserves
  • 5 Unorganized areas
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  • Lac du Bonnet
  • Powerview-Pine Falls

Local government districts

  • Pinawa

Rural municipalities

  • Alexander
  • Lac du Bonnet
  • Piney
  • Reynolds
  • Stuartburn
  • Victoria Beach
  • Whitemouth

First Nations reserves

  • Shoal Lake 37A
  • Shoal Lake 39
  • Shoal Lake 39A
  • Shoal Lake 40

Unorganized areas

  • Unorganized Division 1


  • Community Profile: Census Division No 1, Manitoba; Statistics Canada

External links

  • Eastman Regional Profile

Coordinates: 49°53′N 95°58′W / 49883°N 95967°W / 49883; -95967

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Division No. 1, Manitoba

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Division No. 1, Manitoba
Division No. 1, Manitoba
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