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Diarrhea of a Madman

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Diarrhea of a Madman is the debut album by the band Dave Brockie Experience It was released in 2001 by Metal Blade Records[1]

Track listing

1"40,000 Times"1:36
2"Too Much Stuff"1:41
3"You Want to Suck My Dick"3:10
5"Faggot on Fire"1:53
6"Helium Creed"1:09
7"Beat Stall"1:11
8"The Dance of Europe"2:17
9"Iranian Masturbator"4:14
10"Washing Yourself"4:25
11"Servant of Death's Head"1:57
12"Two Smart Guys Fight About Michelangelo"1:26
13"The Pennington Lark"0:50
14"I Clean up Real Good"1:27
15"Great News!"3:31
17"I Saw Three Forms"5:04
18"Calling Dr Fong"18:33
  • Lady Died live hidden track- 15:15 into track 18


  1. ^ https://wwwamazoncom/Diarrhea-Madman-Dave-Brockie/dp/B00005ABF3

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