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Descending aorta

descending aorta, descending aorta function
Thoracic aorta

Abdominal aorta Identifiers Latin Aorta descendens,
pars descendens aortae MeSH A07231114056372 Dorlands
/Elsevier p_07/12616698 TA A12210001 FMA 3784 Anatomical terminology
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The descending aorta is part of the aorta, the largest artery in the body The descending aorta begins at the aortic arch that runs down through the chest and abdomen The descending aorta anatomically consists of two portions or segments, the thoracic and the abdominal aorta, in correspondence with the two great cavities of the trunk in which it is situated Within the abdomen, the descending aorta branches into the two common iliac arteries which serve the pelvis and eventually legs

The ductus arteriosus connects to the junction between the aortic arch and the descending aorta in foetal life This artery later regresses as the ligamentum arteriosum12

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This article incorporates text in the public domain from the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy 1918

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  • Anatomy figure: 19:04-03 at Human Anatomy Online, SUNY Downstate Medical Center - "Left side of the mediastinum"

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Descending aorta

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Descending aorta
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