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Džejla Glavović

džejla glavović, džejla glavović opel
Džejla Glavović Bosnian, in Cyrillic: Џејла Главовић Bosnian fashion model and beauty queen She was crowned in the Philippines as the second Miss Earth representing her country Bosnia and Herzegovina and became the first Bosnian woman to win a major international title in beauty contest


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Miss Earth 2002

Glavović won the second edition of Miss Earth, an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness She made it to the initial cut of ten semi-finalists and competed in the traditional swimsuit, interview, and evening gown competitions

She advanced to the top four in the final question and answer round In the last segment of the competition, the court of four were asked one question, “Which has more significance in your life: the sunrise or the sunset” Glavović answered:

“Of course sunrise; people tend to be romantic during sunrise, something that symbolizes a new day and a new life However, it’s not about sunrise or sunset but about the environment and we have to stop talking, start acting”

She placed the highest score in the interview round and at the conclusion of the second edition of Miss Earth pageant, she was crowned Miss Earth 2002 by the outgoing titleholder Catharina Svensson of Denmark, which was held in Quezon City, Philippines on 20 October 2002

She was the first delegate from her country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to win a title from one of the four major international beauty pageants namely: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss World

Aside from winning the Miss Earth 2002 title, Glavović also won the Miss Talent special award

In 2002, three of the "Big Four" international pageant winners come from dominant Muslim countries: Glavović, who won at Miss Earth Christina Sawaya of Lebanon, who won Miss International 2002, and Azra Akın of Turkey, who won Miss World 2002


Džejla was the first Miss Earth pageant winner to be dethroned on 28 May 2003, being succeeded by her first-runner up, Winfred Omwakwe of Kenya This came in the same year when another pageant winner, Miss Universe's Oxana Fedorova was dethroned Carousel Productions, the pageant organizer, cited her failure to fulfill her duties as the main reason for her unseating First runner-up from Kenya, Winfred Omwakwe, took over the position of Miss Earth 2002 Omwakwe was formally crowned as the new Miss Earth 2002 on 7 August 2003 at the Carousel Gardens in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

External links

  • Official Miss Earth web site
  • Miss Earth Foundation


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