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Deemed university

deemed university, deemed university registration
Deemed university, or Deemed-to-be-University, is an accreditation awarded to higher educational institutions in India, conferring the status of a university It is granted by the Department of Higher Education12 To quote the MHRD, "An Institution of Higher Education, other than universities, working at a very high standard in specific area of study, can be declared by the Central Government on the advice of the UGC, as an Institution ‘Deemed-to-be-university’ Institutions that are ‘deemed-to-be-university’ enjoy academic status and privileges of a university"3


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Deemed university statusedit

The higher education system in India includes both private and public universities Public universities are supported by the Government of India and the state governments, while private universities are mostly supported by various bodies and societies Universities in India are recognized by the University Grants Commission UGC, which draws its power from the University Grants Commission Act, 19564 In addition, 15 Professional Councils are established, controlling different aspects of accreditation and coordination5 The status of a deemed university allows full autonomy in courses, syllabus, admissions and fees6 The UGC list dated 23 June 2008 lists 130 deemed universities7 Note that although the list is dated 23 June 2008, the latest addition to the list, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, was made on 24 June 2009 According to this list, the first institute to be granted deemed university status was Indian Institute of Science which was granted this status on 12 May 1958 There are deemed universities in 18 of the 29 states of India and three of the union territories The state with the most universities is Tamil Nadu with 28 deemed universities7 As on 31 December 2015 there are 125 Deemed to be Universities in India

Other typesedit

Other types of universities controlled by the UGC include:

  • Central universities, or Union universities are established by Act of Parliament and are under the purview of the Department of Higher Education8
  • State universities are run by the state government of each of the states and territories of India, and are usually established by a local legislative assembly act9
  • Institute under State Legislature Act is a Institution established or incorporated by a State Legislature Act, in India10 Institutes that are ‘under State Legislature Act’ enjoy academic status and privileges of state universities
  • Private universities are approved by the UGC They can grant degrees but they are not allowed to have off-campus affiliated colleges11

See alsoedit

  • List of deemed universities


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