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Dear Octopus (film)

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Dear Octopus is a 1943 British comedy film directed by Harold French and starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Wilding and Celia Johnson It is based on a 1938 play Dear Octopus written by Dodie Smith It was also released as The Randolph Family


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Well-to-do couple Dora and Charles Randolph are celebrating their golden wedding, and three generations meet at the Randolph country home As the relatives gather, each reveals his or her personal quirks and shortcomings Caught in the middle is family secretary Penny Fenton Margaret Lockwood, who has the unenviable task of sorting and smoothing out the family's deep-set hostilities and jealousies so that a good time can be had by all


  • Margaret Lockwood – Penny Randolph
  • Michael Wilding – Nicholas Randolph
  • Celia Johnson – Cynthia
  • Roland Culver – Felix Martin
  • Helen Haye – Dora Randolph
  • Athene Seyler – Aunt Belle
  • Jean Cadell – Vicar's wife
  • Basil Radford – Kenneth
  • Frederick Leister – Charles Randolph
  • Nora Swinburne – Edna
  • Antoinette Cellier – Hilda
  • Madge Compton – Marjorie
  • Kathleen Harrison – Mrs Glossop
  • Ann Stephens – Scrap
  • Derek Lansiaux – Bill
  • Alistair Stewart – Joe
  • Evelyn Hall – Gertrude
  • Muriel George – Cook
  • Annie Esmond – Nannie
  • Irene Handl – Flora
  • Arthur Denton – Mr Glossop
  • Pamela Western – Deirdre
  • Arty Ash – Burton
  • Graham Moffatt – Fred the Chauffeur
  • Henry Morrell – Vicar

Critical reception

TV Guide described the film as a "routine English comedy of manners", but added, "it has its moments"; while Allmovie wrote "the film is variations on a single theme, albeit consistently amusing ones"


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External links

  • Dear Octopus on IMDb
  • Dear Octopus at TCMDB

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