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DCD2 Records

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DCD2 Records, formerly known as Decaydance Records, is an independent record label owned by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and partners, based in New York City It was founded as an imprint of Fueled by Ramen The first band Wentz signed to the label was Panic! at the Disco In 2014, the label relaunched as DCD2 Records, keeping the acts that were still signed to Decaydance before the relaunch New Politics and Lolo were the first acts signed under the new name Recently on Twitter, Wentz revealed that Spencer Smith will be working as his partner in DCD2


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    • 11 Current artists
    • 12 Former artists
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Current artists

  • Fall Out Boy
  • nothing,nowhere
  • MAX
  • New Politics
  • Panic! at the Disco
  • Travie McCoy
  • LIFT
  • Twenty One Pilots

Former artists

  • The Academy Is Disbanded
  • Black Cards On hiatus
  • The Cab Inactive with Republic Records
  • Charley Marley Active without a record label
  • Cobra Starship Disbanded
  • Cute Is What We Aim For Unsigned
  • Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Disbanded
  • Doug
  • Four Year Strong Active with Pure Noise Records
  • Hey Monday On hiatus
  • The Hush Sound Active without a record label
  • Lifetime Active with No Idea Records
  • LOLO Active with Crush/Atlantic Records
  • Millionaires Active without a record label
  • October Fall Disbanded
  • Tyga Active with GOOD Music/Def Jam Recordings
  • The Ready Set Active with Hopeless Records

Albums released on Decaydance

Album Artist Date Other Labels
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Panic! at the Disco September 27, 2005 Fueled by Ramen
So Sudden The Hush Sound October 11, 2005 Fueled By Ramen
Like Vines The Hush Sound June 6, 2006 Fueled By Ramen
While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets Cobra Starship October 10, 2006 Fueled by Ramen
Two Songs EP Lifetime November 21, 2006 Fueled by Ramen
Lifetime Lifetime February 6, 2007 Fueled by Ramen
Santi The Academy Is April 3, 2007 Fueled by Ramen, Atlantic Records
¡Viva la Cobra! Cobra Starship October 23, 2007 Fueled by Ramen
Does Decaydance Doug November 20, 2007
Rise or Die Trying Four Year Strong September 18, 2007 I Surrender Records
Goodbye Blues The Hush Sound March 18, 2008 Fueled by Ramen
Pretty Odd Panic at the Disco March 21, 2008 Fueled by Ramen
Whisper War The Cab April 29, 2008 Fueled by Ramen
No Introduction Tyga June 10, 2008
Fast Times at Barrington High The Academy Is August 19, 2008 Fueled by Ramen
The Quilt Gym Class Heroes September 9, 2008 Fueled by Ramen
Hold On Tight Hey Monday October 7, 2008 Columbia Records
Live in Chicago Panic at the Disco December 2, 2008 Fueled by Ramen
The Lady Luck EP The Cab June 30, 2009 Fueled by Ramen
Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid Millionaires June 23, 2009 B-Unique
Explains It All Four Year Strong July 21, 2009 I Surrender Records
Hot Mess Cobra Starship August 11, 2009 Fueled by Ramen
Lost in Pacific Time: The AP/EP The Academy Is September 22, 2009 Fueled by Ramen
Enemy of the World Four Year Strong March 9, 2010 Universal Motown
Lazarus Travie McCoy June 7, 2010 Fueled by Ramen
I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming The Ready Set June 14, 2010 Sire Records, Beluga Heights
Beneath It All EP Hey Monday August 17, 2010 Columbia Records
DRUGS DRUGS February 22, 2011 Sire Records
Vices & Virtues Panic! at the Disco March 22, 2011 Fueled by Ramen
Night Shades Cobra Starship August 29, 2011 Fueled by Ramen, Warner Bros
In Some Way, Shape, or Form Four Year Strong November 8, 2011 Universal Motown
Save Rock and Roll Fall Out Boy April 12, 2013 Island Records
Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! Panic! at the Disco October 8, 2013 Fueled by Ramen
American Beauty/American Psycho Fall Out Boy January 20, 2015 Island Records
Comeback Queen EP LOLO July 17, 2015
Vikings New Politics August 14, 2015 Warner Bros Records
Ms Anonymous EP MAX September 25, 2015
Death of a Bachelor Panic! at the Disco January 15, 2016 Fueled by Ramen
Hell's Kitchen Angel MAX April 8, 2016
MANIA Fall Out Boy January 19, 2018 Fueled by Ramen

See also

  • List of record labels
  • Fueled by Ramen


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External links

  • Official website
  • MySpace

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