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Dania Prince

diana princess of wales, dania prince
Dania Patricia Prince Méndez born c 1980, who comes from Choluteca, the regional center of Southern Honduras, is an international beauty queen who has held the title of Miss Earth 2003


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Early life

Prince was born in Choluteca, Choluteca, Honduras She is the third child of Andres Prince, a British merchant, and Luisa Méndez, a housewife She obtained her bachelor's degree, majoring in international commerce

Married life

On October 4, 2008, at the age of 28, Prince got married to a fellow Honduran, Frank Fuentes, in a Christian ceremony at Christ Almighty church in North Miami Beach, Miami, Florida


After winning Miss Earth in 2003, Prince became a model


Prior to Miss Earth

In 1998, Prince, who is 6'1" tall, won the Miss Honduras pageant and went to compete as her country's representative in the Miss Universe 1998 pageant, which was won by Wendy Fitzwilliam of Trinidad and Tobago in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 12, 1998 In the 1998 Top Model of the World contest, she became a finalist and a recipient of the Best in National Costume award She competed and won the Pacific International Queen 1998 She then went on to win Miss América Latina 2000 in November 1999 as well

Miss Earth 2003

In 2003, she was chosen to represent Honduras in the third edition of the international Miss Earth pageant At the conclusion of the competition, she was crowned as Miss Earth, the third winner in the history of the competition; her triumph in Miss Earth 2003 made her as the first-ever Honduran to win a major international beauty title

After winning the Miss Earth pageant in 2003, she recounts, “In kindergarten, my classmates chose me to become the muse of our class But it never crossed my mind that from a class muse, I’d become Miss Earth Nothing really is impossible in this world To actually live a dream, you have to do something about it Have faith in yourself first Everything else will follow!”

When asked by the press how she would differentiate Miss Universe from Miss Earth pageant, she says, “Beauty, body, and brains of the candidates are given a lot of emphasis in Miss Universe and it is more commercialized On the other hand, Miss Earth is cause-oriented If you can still recall, a lot of beautiful and popular candidates from countries that usually win in international pageants surprisingly didn’t make it in the semifinal round of Miss Earth last year The judges, most likely, were looking for the ‘sincerity factor’ rather than the ‘X-factor’ in a candidate, which perhaps they saw in me”

External links

  • Official Miss Earth web site
  • Miss Earth Foundation


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Preceded by
Aline Resende
Miss América Latina
Succeeded by
Grace Martins
Preceded by
Winfred Omwakwe
Miss Earth
Succeeded by
Priscilla Meirelles

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