Crotalus oreganus abyssus
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Crotalus oreganus abyssus

Crotalus oreganus abyssus is a venomous pit viper subspecies3 found only in the United States in Arizona


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This is a medium to large rattlesnake Adults measure 16-54 inches 41–137 cm in total length

Dorsally, they have dark blotches on a variety of base colors ranging from reddish, pink, yellow/green, light tan, to gray The blotches usually become crossbands near the tail The young usually have more prominent blotches and facial markings than the adults Some adults have no body markings

The rostral scale usually comes into contact with more than 2 internasal scales

Geographic rangeedit

Found in northwestern and north-central Arizona


The snake is found in a variety of habitats, including grassland, Great Basin Desert scrubland, bottoms in the Grand Canyon, rolling hills and bajadas in pinion-juniper woodland, and pine forests


It is primarily diurnal but can be active around the clock when conditions are favorable The cryptic coloration and calm demeanor of this subspecies often allows it to escape detection from passersby


It feeds on squirrels, mice, lizards, and birds

See alsoedit

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Further readingedit

  • Klauber, LM 1930 New and Renamed Subspecies of Crotalus confluentus Say, with Remarks on Related Species Trans San Diego Soc Nat Hist
    6 3: 95-144, including Plates 9-12, 1 map "Crotalus confluentus abyssus, subsp nov", pp 114–117 + Plate 11, figure 1

External linksedit

  • Crotalus oreganus at the Reptariumcz Reptile Database Accessed 12 December 2007
  • Images of Crotalus oreganus abyssus at California Reptiles and Amphibians Accessed 18 June 2008

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