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Croatian parliamentary election, 1911

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Parliamentary elections were held in Croatia-Slavonia in December 19111 Despite efforts of Ban Nikola Tomašić to coerce voters to vote for pro-government parties,1 the result was unfavourable as the government won only 21 seats2 Elections in 4 districts were suspended and in 1 district the results were challenged On the last day of the elections Josip Frank, former leader of the Starčević's Party of Rights, died in Zagreb3


Party Votes % Seats % +/–
Party of Rights
Stranka prava
27 3214% +12
Croat-Serb Coalition
Hrvatsko-srpska koalicija
24 2856% –11
  • Croatian Independent Party
    Hrvatska samostalna stranka
12 1428% –6
  • Serb Independent Party
    Srpska samostalna stranka
12 1428% –3
Party of People's Progress
Stranka narodnog napretka
21 25% +3
Croatian People's Peasant Party
Hrvatska pučka seljačka stranka
8 952% –1
Serb People's Radical Party
Srpska narodna radikalna stranka
3 357% +2
Independent candidates 1 119% ±0
Total 84 100%
Registered Voters/Turnout


  1. ^ a b "The Ban Of Croatia And The Elections", The Times, 16 December 1911
  2. ^ "The Elections In Croatia", The Times, 20 December 2011
  3. ^ Josip Horvat: Politička povijest Hrvatske, 1936, p 412

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Croatian parliamentary election, 1911

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Croatian parliamentary election, 1911
Croatian parliamentary election, 1911
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