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Croatian parliamentary by-election, 1883

croatian parliamentary by-election 1883 silver, croatian parliamentary by-election 1883 penny
Croatian parliamentary by-election for the Croatian Military Frontier districts which had been incorporated into the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia in 1881 were held over three days between 19 and 21 April 1883


Party Seats
Government list 28
Party of Rights 5
Independent People's Party 1
Independent 1
Total 35


# Name Party Constituency
1 Fran Prilepić Party of Rights Karlobag
2 David Kovačević Government list Gospić
3 Mandić Government list Lovinac
4 Medaković Government list Srb
5 Dane Banjanin Government list Udbina
6 Orešković Government list Perušić
7 Omčikus Government list Otočac
8 Ladislav Krajač Party of Rights Brlog
9 Šorak Government list Petrovo Selo
10 Milan Pavlović Party of Rights Brinje
11 Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski Government list Ogulin
12 Milan Stanković Government list Plaško
13 Badovinac Government list Slunj
14 Slijepčević Government list Veljun
15 Grga Tuškan Party of Rights Švarča
16 Čudić Government list Vrginmost
17 Slijepčević Government list Glina
18 Milić Government list Maja
19 Joco Živković Government list Dvor
20 Pejaković Government list Petrinja
21 Mašeg Government list Kostajnica
22 Mraović Government list Sunja
23 Crkvenec Government list Novska
24 Lobe Government list Nova Gradiška
25 Makso Lončarević Party of Rights Oriovac
26 Đuro Pilar Independent Brod na Savi
27 Stjepan Kutuzović Independent People's Party Vrpolje
28 Ivić Government list Vinkovci
29 Ivić Government list Bošnjaci
30 Stevo Popović Government list Morović
31 Milekić Government list Mitrovica
32 Rakić Government list Karlovčić
33 Gjurić Government list Stara Pazova
34 Gjurković / Radanović Government list Sremski Karlovci
35 Jovan Živković Government list Zemun


  • Turkalj, Jasna December 2004 "Stranka prava i izbori za Hrvatski sabor na području bivše Vojne krajine 1883 godine" PDF Časopis za suvremenu povijest in Croatian 36 3 Retrieved 17 October 2016 

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Croatian parliamentary by-election, 1883 Information about

Croatian parliamentary by-election, 1883

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Croatian parliamentary by-election, 1883
Croatian parliamentary by-election, 1883
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