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Critical Internet infrastructure

critical infrastructure protection, critical infrastructure and key resources
Critical Internet infrastructure is a collective term for all hardware and software systems that constitute essential components in the operation of the Internet

Physical transmission lines of all types, such as wired, fiber optic and microwave links, along with routing equipment, the accompanying critical software services like the Domain Name System DNS, Email, website hosting, authentication and authorization, storage systems, and database servers are considered critical Internet components If any of these systems and services were to be interrupted for a significant period of time "he Internetas we know it would collapse"

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External links

  • How the Internet Came to Be
  • Internet Explained
  • Global Internet Traffic Report
  • The Internet Society History Page
  • RFC 801, planning the TCP/IP switchover
  • European Future Internet Portal

critical infrastructure, critical infrastructure and key resources, critical infrastructure protection, critical infrastructure sectors

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Critical Internet infrastructure

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Critical Internet infrastructure
Critical Internet infrastructure
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