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Criss Angel Mindfreak

criss angel mindfreak, criss angel mindfreak tv series
Criss Angel: Mindfreak is an American reality TV show that aired on A&E from 2005 to 2010 It centers on stunts and street magic acts by magician Criss Angel


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DVD/CD title Release date Additional information
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Complete Season One November 29, 2005
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – Halloween Special August 1, 2006
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Official Soundtrack September 5, 2006 Audio CD which also includes a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes featurettes on the making of the soundtrack music and the making of Season 2
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Complete Season Two November 21, 2006
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – Giftset December 12, 2006 Includes The Complete Season 1, The Complete Season 2, and the Halloween Special in a special box with lenticular "vanishing Criss Angel" art
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Complete Season Three January 15, 2008
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Best of Seasons One and Two June 24, 2008 Includes 8 "top-rated" episodes from Seasons 1-2
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Complete Season Four January 20, 2009
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Most Dangerous Escapes September 29, 2009 Includes 7 "handpicked" episodes from Seasons 1-4
The Five Lives of Criss Angel: Mindfreak The Complete Season Five December 15, 2009
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – Collector's Edition Megaset December 15, 2009 15-DVD set in a collector's box with pop-up buzzsaw inner art containing The Complete Seasons 1-5, the Halloween Special, and an exclusive bonus disc featuring six previously unreleased episodes from Season 3
Criss Angel: Mindfreak – The Complete Season Six January 11, 2011

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