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Country Diary

country diary of an edwardian lady, country diary
Country Diary is a daily natural history column in the English newspaper The Guardian, first published in November 1906 It is also now freely available on the newspaper's website Past and present contributors include Pete Bowler, Arnold Boyd, Mark Cocker, Thomas Coward, Harry Griffin, Jim Perrin as James Perrin, Sarah Poyntz, Arthur Ransome, Enid J Wilson, Simon Ingram and Paul Evans

Since the 1990s, the paper edition of the column has been illustrated by Clifford Harper


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The column is credited with the first use in print of the term "Jizz", in a piece by Thomas Coward of 6 December 1921, subsequently included in his 1922 book "Bird Haunts and Nature Memories" He attributed it to "a west-coast Irishman"


A number of books, compiling past columns, have been published, including:

  • The Country Diary of a Cheshire Man AW Boyd, Collins 1946
  • A Country Diary - Kent John T White illustrated by Percy F C White, Cassell 1974 ISBN 0-903253-04-6
  • Enid J Wilson's Country Diary Enid J Wilson illustrated by Pavla Davey, Hodder and Stoughton 1988 ISBN 0-340-41522-3
  • A Lakeland Mountain Diary A Harry Griffin, Crowood Press 1990 ISBN 1-85223-565-9
  • A Country Diary, selected by Jeanette Page various contributors, foreword by Melvyn Bragg, Guardian Books/ Fourth Estate 1994 ISBN 1-85702-254-8
  • Highland Country Diaries Ray Collier, Colin Baxter 1997 ISBN 1-900455-28-5
  • A Burren Journal Sarah Poyntz illustrated by Gordon D'Arcy and Anne Korff, Tír Eolas 2000 ISBN 1-873821-13-1
  • A Country Diary Clifford Harper 36 of Harper's drawings, plus an essay by Richard Boston, Agraphia Press 2003 ISBN 1-904596-00-2
  • A Lifetime of Mountains: The Best of A Harry Griffin's 'Country Diary' A Harry Griffin edited by Martin Wainwright, foreword by Chris Bonington, Aurum Press Ltd, 2005, ISBN 1-84513-112-6


  1. ^ a b Greenwood, Jeremy JD; Greenwood, Julian G May 2018 "The Origin of the Birdwatching Term "Jizz"" British Birds 111 5: 292-294 

External links

  • Country Diary page on the Guardian website
  • Clifford Harper's website DEAD LINK

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