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Count of Champagne

count of champagne, theobald ii count of champagne
The Count of Champagne was the ruler of the region of Champagne from 950 to 1316 Champagne evolved from the county of Troyes in the late eleventh century and Hugh I was the first to officially use the title "Count of Champagne"

When Sancho VII of Navarre died childless in 1234, his nephew Count Theobald IV of Champagne became also King of Navarre The latter's greatgrandaughter Joan married King Philip IV of France Upon Joan's death in 1305, her son Louis became the last independent count of Champagne, with the title merging into the royal domain upon his accession to the French throne in 1314

The titular counts of Champagne also inherited the post of seneschal of France


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    • 11 Dukes of Champagne
    • 12 Counts of Meaux and Troyes
    • 13 Counts of Champagne
    • 14 Counts of Champagne and Kings of Navarre
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Counts and dukes of Champagne, Troyes, Meaux and Bloisedit

Dukes of Champagneedit

In Merovingian and Carolingian times, several dukes of Champagne or Campania are known The duchy appears to have been created by joining together the civitates of Rheims, Châlons-sur-Marne, Laon, and Troyes In the late seventh and early eighth centuries, Champagne was controlled by the Pippinids; first by Drogo, son of Pippin of Herstal, and then by Drogo's son Arnulf

  • Lupus
  • Vintronus
  • Drogo 690–708
  • Arnulf

Counts of Meaux and Troyesedit

Counts of Troyes
  • Aleran 820–852
  • Odo I 853–858 and 866–871
  • Rudolph I 858–866
  • Odo II 871–876
  • Robert I 876–886
  • Adalelm 886–894
  • Richard 894–921, also Duke of Burgundy
  • Rudolph II 921–936, also Duke of Burgundy and King of France
  • Hugh 936–952, also Duke of Burgundy
  • Gilbert 952–956, also Duke of Burgundy
Counts of Meaux
  • Louis 862–877, also King of Aquitaine and France
  • Theodebert 877–888
  • Herbert I 896–902
  • Herbert II 902–943
  • Robert 943–967, in Troyes from 956
Counts of Troyes and Meaux
  • Robert, II of Troyes 956–967
  • Herbert, III of Meaux, 967–995
  • Stephen I 995–1022
  • Odo, I of Meaux and III of Troyes 1022–1037, also Count of Blois
  • Stephen II 1037–1048
  • Odo, II of Meaux and IV of Troyes 1048–1066
  • Theobald I 1066–1089, also Count of Blois
Counts of Troyes
  • Odo V 1089–1093
  • Hugh 1093–1102
Counts of Meaux and Blois
  • Stephen III Henry 1089–1102
  • Theobald II 1102–1151, in Champagne from 1125

Counts of Champagneedit

  • Hugh 1102–1125
  • Theobald II 1125–1152
  • Henry I 1152–1181
  • Henry II 1181–1197
  • Theobald III 1197–1201

Counts of Champagne and Kings of Navarreedit

  • Theobald IV, also King Theobald I of Navarre 1201–1253
  • Theobald V, also Theobald II of Navarre 1253–1270
  • Henry III, also Henry I of Navarre 1270–1274
  • Joan 1274–1305, also Joan I of Navarre
  • Louis 1305–1316, also Louis I of Navarre, became Louis X of France, in 1314, after which the title merged into the royal domain

See alsoedit

  • Timeline of Troyes


  • Evergates, Theodore Feudal Society in the Baillage of Troyes under the Counts of Champagne, 1152-1284 ISBN 0-8018-1663-7
  • Evergates, Theodore Feudal Society in Medieval France: Documents from the County of Champagne ISBN 0-8122-1441-2 paperback, ISBN 0-8122-3225-9 hardback
  • Evergates, Theodore "The Aristocracy of Champagne in the Mid-Thirteenth Century: A Quantitative Description" Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Vol 5 pp 1–18 1974

Further readingedit

  • Sánchez-Marco, Carlos 2005, "Casa de Champagne House of Champagne", La Historia Medieval del Reyno de Navarra The Medieval History of Navarre, retrieved 24 August 2010 

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