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Corvulus of Friuli

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Corvulus also Corvolus was the Duke of Friuli for a brief spell in the early eighth century AD probably 705 or 706 He replaced Ferdulf, but he offended King Aripert II and was arrested and his eyes gouged out He lived in obscurity and shame as a blind exile thereafter, according to Paul the Deacon He was ultimately replaced by Pemmo

"Corvulus" literally means "little raven" in Latin, so this may have been a hypocoristic or Latinization for the Duke's real birth name as a likely ethnic Lombard who assimilated to Italo-Roman culture


  • Paul the Deacon Historia Langobardorum Translated by William Dudley Foulke University of Pennsylvania: 1907
  • Hodgkin, Thomas Italy and her Invaders Clarendon Press: 1895
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Duke of Friuli
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corvulus of friuli italy, corvulus of friuli venezia, corvulus of friuli wine, corvulus of friuligol

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