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A converso Spanish: ; Portuguese: ; Catalan: convers , ; "a convert", from Latin conversvs, "converted, turned around" and its feminine form conversa was a Jew who converted to Catholicism in Spain or Portugal, particularly during the 14th and 15th centuries, or one of their descendents The majority of Spain's Jews converted to Christianity as a result of the pogroms in 1391 The remaining Jews who had chosen to remain practicing Jews were finally expelled during the Alhambra decree in 1492 A significant portion chose to join the already large Convert community rather than face exile Over the following two centuries Conversos were subject to discriminatory laws and harassment by the Inquisition

New Christians of Jewish origin were referred to as marranos The term marrano may also refer to Crypto-Jews, ie, those who secretly continued to practice Judaism New Christians of Muslim origin were known as moriscos Unlike Marranos, Moriscos were subject to an edict of expulsion even after conversion, which was implemented severely in the eastern region of Valencia and less so in other parts of Spain Nevertheless, overall Moriscos were subject to considerably less suspicion and hostility from the wider Christian community than the Jews and Jewish-descended Marranos

Conversos played an important role in the 1520-1521 Revolt of the Comuneros, a popular revolt and Civil war centred in the region of Castile against the imperial pretensions of the Spanish monarchy


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Conversos were subject to suspicion and harassment from both what was left of the community they were leaving and that which they were joining Christians and Jews called them tornadizo renegade James I, Alfonso X and John I passed laws forbidding the use of this epithet This was part of a larger pattern of royal oversight, as laws were promulgated to protect their property, forbid attempts to convert them back to Judaism or the Muslim faith, and regulate their behavior, preventing their cohabitation or even dining with Jews, lest they convert back

The conversos did not enjoy legal equality Alfonso VII prohibited the "recently converted" from holding office in Toledo They had supporters and bitter opponents in the Christian secular of general acceptance, yet they became targets of occasional pogroms during times of social tension as during an epidemic and after an earthquake They were subject to the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions

While pure blood so-called limpieza de sangre would come to be placed at a premium, particularly among the nobility, in a 15th-century defense of conversos, Bishop Lope de Barrientos would list what Roth calls "a veritable 'Who's Who' of Spanish nobility" as having converso members or being of converso descent He pointed out that given the near-universal conversion of Iberian Jews during Visigothic times, quoting Roth "ho among the Christians of Spain could be certain that he is not a descendant of those conversos"

According to a widely publicised study December 2008 in the American Journal of Human Genetics, 198 percent of modern Spaniards and Portuguese have DNA originating in the Near East during historic times ie Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Jews and Levantine Arabs - compared to 106 percent having DNA reflecting North African ancestors

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