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contracture, contracture dupuytren's disease
A muscle contracture is a permanent shortening of a muscle1 or joint2 It is usually in response to prolonged hypertonic spasticity in a concentrated muscle area, such as is seen in the tightest muscles of people with conditions like spastic cerebral palsy

Contractures are essentially muscles or tendons that have remained too tight for too long, thus becoming shorter Once they occur, it is often argued that they cannot be stretched or exercised away they must be released with orthopedic surgery Most of the physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other exercise regimens targeted towards people with spasticity focuses on trying to prevent contractures from happening in the first place However, research on sustained traction of connective tissue in approaches such as adaptive yoga has demonstrated that contracture can be reduced,3 at the same time that tendency toward spasticity is addressed

Contractures can also be due to ischemia, as in Volkmann's contracture

Excessive matrix metalloproteinase and myofibroblast accumulation in the wound margins can result in contracture

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  • Dupuytren's contracture
  • Marden-Walker syndrome
  • Muscle contracture


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